HELD in 3910 P Hand Blender Grater

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HELD in 3910 P Hand Blender Grater

HELD in 3910 P Hand Blender Grater, will be your favorite helper in the kitchen it’s with turbo feature and heat proof plastic grinding stick while you’re making the best time for your guests and beloved ones. It provides multi-purpose usage with its mixing, chopping and grinding functions.The detachable body and blades makes cleaning easier. Blender with grater , hand blender and food processor will also do shredding, mixing and grinding for you while preparing food in the kitchen. The food processor will fit your kitchen decoration it’s with pink color.

Product Details:

  1. Power: 1000 W
  2. Turbo Feature
  3. Color :Pink
  4. Measuring Cup (ml) 900 mL
  5. Chopper
  6. One Click Control
  7. Washable Accessories
  8. Chopping Bowl
  9. Material: Plastic
  10. Stainless Steel Blender
  11. Stainless Steel Beater
  12. Stainless Steel Blade

ANTI-SLIP: Thanks to it’s anti- slippery base, you’ll be able to grind anything you want on from your kitchen to your counter with the hand mixer stick and the measuring cup the without fear of it slipping from the counter.

PRODUCT FEATURES: Power: 1000 W, Turbo Feature, Color :Pink, Measuring Cup (ml) 900 mL , Chopper , One Click Control, Washable Accessories , Chopping Bowl , Material: Plastic, stainless Steel Blender Stainless Steel Beater, Stainless Steel Blade.

STAINLESS STEEL: the food processor has a stainless steel grinder stick which will make it to you for easier use the blender for years to come as it won’t be worn out easily.

SPEED ADJUSTMENT: with it’s turbo speed function you’ll be able to is hand blender mixer’s speed dependiing on what of type food you’re using.

EASY TO CLEAN: the food processor provides maximum hygiene and maximum care it’s with detachable structure of The body and washable.


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