Plant-Based Trading Market

Plant-Based Trading Market

VBay Global Plant-Based Trading Market

The first of it’s kind – A platform where all plant-based trading merchants and service providers, buyers and supporters can come together as a trading community.

This platform leads with the best technology, bringing great accessibility to plant based products and services.

Search your product with geo-locators – Order online – Have it delivered –


In order to make a global impact, we have created the VBay Global plant-based trading market to assist not only one another, but the animals, the planet, the children of the future and the current state of affairs in global economics.

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About Vbay Global

VBay Global Plant-Based Trading is a location-based, mobile-ready, comprehensive sales and marketing platform that gives consumers & merchants a convenient way to trade online, local at first, expanding globally.

Much like our competitors who have built their brands, VBay Global Plant-Based Trading aims to offer all the role players the opportunity to invest in their own brand, helping them scale as they reach higher. 

It offers one collaborated, cost-effective solution, helping small businesses grow, gain traction globally in the vegan & plant-based target market and compete against the national giants.

VBay is ideal for small Vegan & Plant-Based businesses who have yet to take their marketing efforts online without losing profits.

It is ideal for the shop owner or restaurant who need to sustain figures to produce plant-based products and menus.

Why Join

1:First it is free to sign up as a merchant our merchants are Vegan restaurants, plant-based suppliers, small plant-based businesses including holistic services , alternative medicines, suppliers of alternative plant-based products as well as animal friendly products green products, Eco sustainable products, CBD Oils and many more

2: VBay only charge a small sales tax fee of 8% on any sale except verified NPO’s were they have a free entry without any service charges these include charities and animal welfare services.

3: At the core of the VBay platform, sits the heart of communities who understand the difficulties of finding plant-based products and services at profitable, sustainable and meaningful avenues.

They have attempted online selling and understand that for the small business, it is hard to make a sustainable profit whilst still in the first stages of their business growth. 

4: They are supportive of global change and what it needs, but are unable to generate the income need from it.
5: They are aware of the limitations because we simply cannot get the word around.
6: VBay supports the global need for climatic, animal welfare and health change.

If you are running a Plant-based businesses and struggling with the costs of E-commerce we have the solution for you.

join hands with these following merchants

Vegan Resurants
Vegan Cafes
Vegan Stores (shops)
Homemade Vegan Products
Plant-Based Suppliers
CBD Oil Suppliers
Essential oils
Holistic Services
Eco Friendly Products
Animal Friendly Products
Green Products
Home Growers & Small Business
Plant-based Living Products
Vegan cosmetics
NPOs & Charities
Animal Welfare Services
Veterinary Services
Fresh Produce Farmers
Fruit & Vegtable Markets
Plant-Based Research
Animal Rights & Activists
Organic Foods
Organic Products

join us today and lets join hands to make a change!

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Author Bio

Wanda Tandy Nutro Vegan

Through my personal experience, I have no doubt that disease and ailments can be greatly improved, if not cured, by a healthy diet and lifestyle.As I work with clients, I encourage them to let go of the idea that only medicine can treat disease, that is simply not true. Food is fuel.

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