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Plant Based Nutritional Services Physically, Mentally 🌿 Plant-Based


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Your Vegan & Vegetarian Nutritional Help Is Here


Plant based nutritional services are one-on-one via live video this service is available for all those residing outside of Centurion.

If you’re struggling to find balance with nourishing plant foods and an eating pattern that allows you to go out to eat and enjoy celebrations, work with  Wanda at Nutro Vegan for personalized guidance.


Plant-based Nutritional Services




This service is available for all those residing outside of Centurion or not able to come in for a physical consult at my practice.

Receive your one-on-one consult and meal plan service online via Skype, Facetime or Telephone consultation. Please contact me for more details.





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Physically, Mentally 🌿 Plant-Based

Get a personalized meal plan designed specifically for your goals, body type, medical history, exercise routine and food preferences.

Please note that this is not a rigid “diet” but rather a plan to help you implement sustainable lifestyle changes.  

Meal plans are not only used for weight loss but can be used for weight gain, managing certain disease conditions, managing food intolerances or just for extra support and structure in adjusting to a plant-based diet.




Learn how to read labels, decipher nutrition information and choose the healthiest and most nutritious options at your local supermarket. If you feel like you don’t even know where to begin shopping without filling up your cart with your usual meat, cheese and eggs then this consult is for you. Prices available on request.

Vegan Nutritionist

It is advisable to consult a vegan nutritionist to ensure your body receives all the nutrition that it needs, and also to overcome any fears of danger you may have with your personal health and new choice of vegan diet and lifestyle.

It can be pretty difficult to find a health specialist in South Africa that has experience of, and can offer professional advice on, vegan nutrition.

Book a Vegan Consultation online with Wanda 




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