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Wanda will discuss specific health concerns, ask questions, and give you expert advice on food and plant-based nutrition.

Improve what you’re already doing, or set yourself on a healthier path to achieve your goals book a plant based nutrition consultation

Plant-Based Nutrition Consultation Sessions

Plant-based nutrition consulting sessions include defining client’s health goals, health issues to address with diet, assess current diet, creating customized meal plans with recipes, how to prepare delicious healthy meals quickly & easily, create a food grocery list for the recipes provided.

I educate you about the healing power of food.

Wanda Tandy

I will provide you the support you need and any other resources required throughout this process.

Working together, we will map out a plan that works for you with a step-by-step approach.

As you take each step, you will become healthier and you’ll be on your way to transforming into your best, healthiest self!

Wanda Tandy

You can start down the path to good health today and it can be accomplished in as little as 2-3 sessions.


Initial Plant-Based Nutrition Consultation, 60 minutes

This 1-hour session is designed to introduce you to my plant-based nutrition food philosophy and allow you to discuss your goals.

We will talk about any specific health concerns you may have, identify your challenges, and determine a realistic plan for change moving forward. 

Leave feeling motivated and empowered.



Follow Up Plant-Based Nutrition Consultation, 30 minutes 

Following an initial plant-based nutrition consultation, you can book a follow-up session at any time.

Frequent follow-up sessions help boost motivation and increase accountability. During these sessions, we will discuss challenges, re-visit your goals, and make adjustments to your plan, as necessary.

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