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It is only through a journey of self discovery that we come to our purpose.

A lot has been said about nutrition and personal well-being, but with the overload of information at our fingertips, paired with a world of “convenience”, we simply forget that certain things still require our personal investment and research.

Nutro Vegan is here to assist you.

All is well until the wheels come off.

Wanda Tandy

Health is a given, until we lose it. Relationships are taken for granted, until they collapse.

My Story

Through my personal journey with health, I realised that “convenience” wasn’t going to do the job and fix it.

Scrolling through information wasn’t going to bring the necessary change. We seem to know it all, but have a hard time implementing life changing strategies.

It takes an investment in educating ourselves with what our specific body requires.

We need to understand the causes of our ailments.

We need to equip ourselves with knowledge and then be able to implement them into our every day lives if we want to experience change.

People fail to put action to their intentions.

Wanda Tandy

What is not visible to the eye, is often under estimated in its effects. Similarly, we can join in discussions about our health and nutrition, but fail to apply it to ourselves.

The Birth Of Nutro Vegan

Nutro Vegan was founded as a result of the incredible change I discovered in actioning knowledge of nutrition.

Through my personal experience, I have no doubt that disease and ailments can be greatly improved, if not cured, by a healthy diet and lifestyle.

As I work with clients, I encourage them to let go of the idea that only medicine can treat disease, that is simply not true. Food is fuel.

We see that the body requires certain elements in balance, to function optimally.

Everything from weight problems, diabetes, lack of energy and many more, stem from the lack of understanding of what the body requires to function optimally.

Not to mention the firm belief that we cannot alter it.

Wanda Tandy

Unfortunately, in modern day life, with medical health care systems and the likes, it has become a quick solution to take a tablet.

Problem solved.

Soon we find ourselves in a rather expensive exercise of medicating our problems. We label everything. It becomes a status update and a dinner table discussion.

Ultimately, we end up causing even more severe issues as we realize it is just a band-aid to a much deeper root. It takes effort to change habits. It takes self discipline to apply real solutions.

This is why a lot of people fail at making real change.

Wanda Tandy

Understanding & Commitment is Crucial

If you are an individual who realizes the deep rooted nature of our health and are prepared to make permanent improvements, Nutrovegan is for you.

It is an absolute investment in your health.

It is permanent and life changing.

It increases vitality, energy, lifespan, reduces unnecessary health problems and the general quality of life significantly improves.

Alongside this, as we dedicate ourselves into serious understanding and commitment to our personal journey, it also becomes a lesson in selfcare, self respect and value for the greater scope of life.

The Nutro Vegan Challenge

Nutro Vegan challenges clients to improve their lives from the inside out.

Simple changes have a ripple effect into every other area of our lives.

We come to value and understand again, the delicate balance to all things and that we are an intricate part of it all.

My Dedication to my clients

I am dedicated to those who are dedicated to themselves.

People who are ready to commit to actioning change.

People who have foresight, ready to be co-creators in how they write their life story.

The choice is really simple, we can let fate dictate, or we can action that knowledge and bring positive, meaningful change to the things that matter on our journey.

I simply don’t know anyone who doesn’t want a better quality of life.

Wanda Tandy

The reward is obvious. If we want health, if we want energy, if we want children growing up with good values and healthy habits, it all starts with self care, and plenty of it.

I encourage you to look twice and ask questions.

Life always presents us with choice.

Make a choice that will have good fruits in the years to come.

You are able to direct outcomes and it is well within reach, backed by modern science and evidence.

Nature makes no mistakes, everything is in perfect balance, embrace it.

A Passionate Vegan Nutritionist

Wanda is passionate about assisting people with their nutritional needs, whether those needs are weight management, plant-based nutrition therapy, sports nutrition as well as pediatric & pregnancy nutrition.

Together we will develop a plan which educates and empowers you to make sustainable changes to fuel your plant-based lifestyle, enhance your recovery from injuries and optimise your body composition for peak performance.

Wanda uses her knowledge, experience, and skills to provide a wide range of practical plant-based dietitian services.

a nutro vegan client at here laptop

I set my clients up for success by providing them with the tools and support they need to succeed.

Plant-Based Holistic Approach

​I don’t promote fad diets or quick fixes.

My practice is grounded in evidence-based strategies that will help you make lasting changes, and feel your best.

My sports nutrition coaching will show you practical, realistic and sustainable strategies to fuel around work, training and competition for long-term results.

As a Plant-Based Sports nutritionist , I use a holistic approach where my role is more than just your nutritionist, but as your sounding board and cheerleader to provide the support to achieve your goals.

Whether you are an elite athlete or a weekend warrior, I will help you to develop practical and sustainable solutions tailored to your training and goals that won’t leave you feeling overwhelmed, restricted and deprived.

I am currently accepting new clients for online Plant-Based sports nutrition coaching.

I’m here to help you nourish your body, build healthier habits, and feel your best.” 

Wanda will teach you how to change your habits one doable step at a time, and I’ll work with you to help you stay motivated and achieve your goals.

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Wanda Tandy Nutro Vegan

Through my personal experience, I have no doubt that disease and ailments can be greatly improved, if not cured, by a healthy diet and lifestyle.As I work with clients, I encourage them to let go of the idea that only medicine can treat disease, that is simply not true. Food is fuel.

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