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Wanda Is A Professional Vegan Nutritionist Who Uses Plant-Based Nutrition For Your Dietary Needs

Vegan Nutritionist

As a vegan nutritionist Wanda is passionate about assisting people with their nutritional needs, whether those needs are weight management, plant-based nutrition therapy, sports nutrition as well as pediatric nutrition.
She uses her knowledge, experience, and skills to provide a wide range of practical plant-based dietitian services.

I set my clients up for success by providing them with the tools and support they need to succeed. 

Wanda Tandy
Vegan Nutritionist » Nutro Vegan

Wanda Tandy Nutro Vegan

Through my personal experience, I have no doubt that disease and ailments can be greatly improved, if not cured, by a healthy diet and lifestyle.As I work with clients, I encourage them to let go of the idea that only medicine can treat disease, that is simply not true. Food is fuel.

I don’t promote fad diets or quick fixes. I am a professional vegan nutritionist My practice is grounded in evidence-based strategies that will help you make lasting changes, and feel your best.

I’m here to help you nourish your body, build healthier habits, and feel your best

Wanda Tandy

Nutritional Services

A clients nourishment is a top priority at Nutro Vegan. Providing a satisfying and nourishing, well-balanced, properly controlled vegan diet is one that takes great skill and planning

Nutritional and Dietary Services include the following:

  • Transitioning Meal Plans supporting the Plant-Based Diet.
  • Immune Support.
  • Vegan & Vegetarian Transition & Maintenance.
  • Weight Loss & Weight Gain.
  • Frail Care Nutrition.
  • Diabetes Meal Plans Chronic Medication Supportive & Correctional Meal Planning.
  • Vitamin & Mineral Deficiencies.
  • Plant-Based Family Meal Planning.

What you will learn

Wanda will teach you how to change your habits one doable step at a time, and I’ll work with you to help you stay motivated and achieve your goals. 

You will learn:

  • Analyses of your own physical health
  • You will learn all about your own individual nutritional requirements.
  • How to transition yourself and your family from eating animal products to going plant-based’
  • The Macro / Micro / B12 debate
  • Overcoming the vegan stigmatism
  • The plant-based shopping budget
  • How to substitute foods
  • What to expect from a plant-based diet
  • Plant based cooking & recipes
  • Special conditions diabetes, immune support & recovery, weight issues, hair loss

Sports Nutrition Coaching

My sports nutrition coaching will show you practical, realistic and sustainable strategies to fuel around work, training and competition for long-term results.

As a Plant-Based Sports nutritionist I use a holistic approach where my role is more than just your nutritionist, but as your sounding board and cheerleader to provide the support to achieve your goals.

Whether you are an elite athlete or a weekend warrior, I will help you to develop practical and sustainable solutions tailored to your training and goals that won’t leave you feeling overwhelmed, restricted and deprived.

I am currently accepting new clients for online Plant-Based sports nutrition coaching.

Explore Meal Plans

Nutro Vegan plant-based meal plans are specifically put together with your health and nutritional value required for a healthy and balanced diet these are based on an individual assessment of your dietary needs & requirements

Prevention Versus Cure

As a professional vegan nutritionist and through my years of working with so many wonderful clients it is imperative to understand that the correct Nutrition and proper care of the body can do wonders for the immune system.

Regardless of the condition of our health, our bodies constantly require nutrition.

When we are healthy, wholesome nutrition can prevent us from getting sick. Similarly, when we are sick, proper nourishment can help us recover from illness.

Nutritional Immunology is a science that studies the relationship between nutrition and the immune system.

Healthful foods contribute to a strong immune response system, which fights disease-causing bacteria.

Many people make an extra effort to be aware of nutrition when they are sick, but few take the preventive measures that could have stopped the illness before it started.

Give yourself a fighting chance with Nutro Vegan Immune Boosting Nutritional Monthly Meal Plan

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